About Matt

I’m Matt Adlard, a 28-year-old self-taught baker and pastry chef. 

Growing up in my hometown of Norwich, England – food was a big part of family life as my dad was a Michelin star chef. Despite this, I never had any interest in cooking whatsoever and in fact,  it wasn’t until my early twenties that I picked up a wooden spoon!

To start off with – it was a disaster. Even though cooking ran in the family, burnt cakes and soggy pastry were common occurrences in my kitchen! Despite my failings, I persisted, constantly watching tutorials online and attempting every recipe I could imagine. After a couple of years of slowly building my confidence, I started a blog, Topless Baker, to share my recipes and ideas. Within a few months and a couple of viral videos, my body and baking, became pretty well known across the world! 

“To start off with, burnt cakes and soggy pastry were common occurrences in my kitchen!”

From cooking with Snooki in New York City to doing demonstrations in Mexico – Topless Baker took me around the world but after 4 years, I decided to hang up my apron, and be me, Matt Adlard!

Now, I’m embarking on new adventures including judging appearances on Food Network in the US and the launch of my new online baking school, Bake It Better. My aim is to always take an open and honest approach to baking, demonstrating the trials and tribulations, and sharing those tips and tricks with you so that you can avoid those mistakes! I want to make baking fun and accessible to everyone!

Keep up to date: @mattadlard